Lyme Disease and Gluten Free Living - Why It's So Important! #glutenfreeforme #lymedisease #glutenfree #celiacdiease #glutenintolerant #glutensensitivity

Food as medicine

I'm sure almost everyone knows someone who is gluten free these days. Many people see it as a fad.......but for many of us it's about recovery and health. I remember the dread of my LLMD telling me that I needed to go gluten free. Initially, I figured if I just cut out most of it, that would have to help. I was gluten illiterate and didn't realize how even a tiny amount of gluten could keep the inflammation in my gut active.

After another long (friendly) lecture from my LLMD, I decided to jump into this new lifestyle.....no matter how hard......and 10 years ago it was much more difficult than it is today. I knew that in order to get my immune system ready to fight this disease, I had to get my gut healthy (they are one in the same). I remember the first month passing and thinking, "What a joke. this isn't even helping". But as time passed I started to notice small things - the brain fog and fatigue were lifting, my stomach didn't feel bloated every time I ate and the pain in my joints was more bearable. Could this really be working?

I continued on the gluten free diet throughout the rest of my treatment and for about a year after. I don't know why I decided to dive back into the unhealthy, American eating lifestyle, but I did........it had been such a long road of treatment and I just wanted everything back to "normal". I was fine for years but gluten intolerance symptoms began to creep back up recently - fatigue, bloating, brain fog, anxiety, poor immune system, etc. My initial thought was panic! Was my lyme back after 8 years? Please god no!!! I fought it once, but could I really do it again??

Once I settled myself down, my logical brain was able to kick back in. I began contemplating going gluten free again. Within a week my visits to the loo decreased, I wasn't as tired and no more bloating or stomach pains. So here I am......two weeks back into being gluten free and I get an email from a guy who's currently fighting lyme disease and multiple co-infections. He's had a hard time with treatment because the antibiotics and herbs upset his stomach. Of course, I began my preaching about the importance of gluten free living during lyme treatment. I could tell he was like me years ago......willing to reduce his gluten intake but not quite buying the importance of not even a little gluten. And so this post is dedicated to him. I haven't written a post on my blog in over a year and he inspired me to again talk about Lyme and what helped me. If my past suffering can help someone else, then it's the least I can do!

So to all you Lymies who aren't getting better........or are suffering through treatment.......give it a try! Even if it's only for 3 months......I know you'd give anything to be better and this just might help!

As always, keep paying lyme education forward! Email or comment with any questions :)