WMTW News Channel 8 Maine 8/16/13 ~ 18 New Cases of Babesiosis "Babesia" (Another Tick-Born Infection) Found In Maine #LymeDisease #Babesiosis

Hi All (particularly my fellow Mainers),

I'm going to keep this short as I only wanted to pass the word on.

WMTW New Channel 8 has reported 18 new cases of Babesiosis "Babesia"  recently diagnosed in Maine. This disease is very similar to Lyme Disease and is actually considered a co-infection at this time. This disease can be very serious and in some cases fatal! Babesiosis is a parasite which infects your red blood cells and eventually can attack any organ in the body including the immune system.

Please educate yourself on this disease and know that the likelihood of actually carrying multiple co-infections (strains) is extremely high! Advocate to have all tick-borne co-infections tested if you feel you may have been exposed to Lyme Disease or any tick-borne infection.

Please also bare in mind that research has STRONGLY shown that these diseases are also carried by mosquitoes, mice, squirrels, birds, rats, etc. Most people are exposed every single day and don't even know it!

Stay safe xoxo