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One of the first things people ask me once they know I am "recovered" from Lyme Disease is, "What did you do for treatment and how can I get it?!?!"  I am always happy to share my experience but feel it's VERY important to state that what helps one person, may not help the next, or they may require a different dose or delivery method (pill vs. IV). I am NOT a medical doctor and NOT giving medical advise. Lyme Disease effects everybody differently and treatment should be under the supervision of a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). This post is ONLY to share my own personal experience and hopefully aid a few others in gaining knowledge about treatment options they may not have heard of before or may be wondering about the efficacy of. Prior to using Dr. Zhang's protocol, I admit I thought "All this money for hocus pocus herbs??"........but I'm living proof that it worked (FOR ME). If you get anything from this post, I hope it's that being open-minded with treatment is what got me well!! Had I held strong to my prior beliefs (standard medicine only), I can almost guarantee I would still be sick and looking for a "cure".

When I was initially diagnosed, I was positive for Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis. After over two years of being pushed through the healthcare system (and loaded with "labels" ~ MS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, a brain aneurysm, possible ALS, a hypochondriac - I'm sure that last one was in there too lol)......I finally had a REAL answer! And a LLMD with a real plan! I was immediately started on high doses of Zithromax and Doxycycline and remained on them for about two years. Throughout this time, Dr. Zhang's herbal protocol was used, as well as, vitamin supplements, hormone therapy and heavy metal cleansing.

Dr. Zhang's Herbal Protocol

1) Allicin (Garlic) which is actually Allitridi, a precursor that's converted to the active Allicin in the body. This was added for its antimicrobial and antifungal agents, as well as, its ability to intensify the antibiotics allowing them to cross the blood-brain barrier (I had neurologically-based Lyme symptoms, therefore, this was an ABSOLUTELY essential component of my treatment).

2) AI #3 was added to my protocol to help support my battered immune system and to minimize the herx effect. It's important to know that AI #3 should be stopped immediately if you are sick as it supports the immune system by suppressing it (so it's not battling itself).

3) Artemisiae this is one of the first choices worldwide now for malaria treatment. This was added to my protocol to treat my active Babesia co-infection, which has malaria-like characteristics.

4) Circulation P aids micro-circulation and promotes the healing of inflamed tissue; normalizes liver function (this is really important when you have so many medications being filtered through the liver); and normalizes skin complications common in advanced Lyme Disease.

5) HH this was used to fight against the Lyme spirochetes and also aids with bacteria and fungus (high doses of antibiotics can cause systematic yeast infections which can be life-threatening).

Additional Medications/Treatments

1) Pre- and Probiotics: This is an absolutely ESSENTIAL component to treatment! The antibiotics (particularly at such "gut rotting" doses), kill both the good and bad bacteria in the GI tract. When the "bad" bacteria is able to multiply and take over. This can cause severe diarrhea and in some cases can lead to death.

2) Coconut Oil: Please see my previous post on Coconut oil to read further about this but.......I've now acquired the nickname "Coco" cause I rave about this stuff so much! That should tell you something....lol

3) Cortisol: Hormone testing was done and my Cortisol levels were backwards (they should be high in the morning and low at night) and I was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency. This hormonal imbalance caused me to be extremely tired during the day and an insomniac at night. Initially, I was placed on pharmaceutical-based cortisol which made my insomnia much worse and also increase my light sensitivity. My LLMD switched me to AdrenaCort which consists of Zinc, Vitamin B's, Vitamin C and Magnesium, which was a much better fit for me :)

4) Magnesium and Calcium Citrate: I also showed deficiencies in both of these, as well as, lead and copper toxicity. I was initially treated for the metal toxicity with the use of chelation. This was NOT done by my LLMD and was disastrous. I was given too high of a dose, causing my kidneys to shut down. My LLMD increased my dose of Magnesium/Calcium in order to help my body detox these heavy metals naturally.

5) Fish Oil/Omega 3: Used in the treatment of Lyme for its potent anti-inflammatory effects. It improves kidney function and is a major fatty acid source for the brain. It also further enhances hormone production of growth hormone, thyroid, insulin, progesterone, and ACTH. 

6) Vitamin B ComplexThe full range of B vitamins includes B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folic acid), and B12 (methylcobalamin). I won't go on to describe all the ways in which our bodies need Vitamin B's (that's easily googled).......just wanted to mention that I, as well as many Lymies, are deficient in these vitamins and they may need to be part of the treatment plan. 

I know the information above makes my treatment look somewhat "simple" but I assure you it was a complex teeter totter of ups-and-downs with the need for very close monitoring!! There were points in treatment when I was taking 120+ pills a day! Just the maintenance of that alone required spreadsheets and travel bags!  Diet was also an essential component of my treatment ~ I'll post about that topic soon! As always, please comment or email me with any questions! :)


  1. do you have an email where you can be reached?

    1. Feel free to email me at lymeandback@gmail.com

      Sheryl :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your story.my son just began Dr Zhang protocol for Lyme's.he has had brain fog for around six years.the issue is he has only been on it a week and he said his head feels worse than before.is that herxing?