The Thirteenth Annual ILADS Lyme Disease Conference in Boston Massachusetts Nov 2012

The Thirteenth Annual ILADS Lyme Disease Conference in Boston Massachusetts


  1. found your blog..great. My 22 son was bit in Rhode Island 3 months ago. Took doxy for 4 weeks and went nuts! Literally had to put him on LorArazapan to calm down. His symptoms are weird, they seem to be: all in his head, pressure, the odd headache, sharp pains in his head area, neck pain..whenever he takes penicillin now amoxyocillen ne gets a herts reaction like described..don't get it I hope its not nero lyme

  2. Hi and thanks so much for your comment. I can't say whether its lyme or not (as I'm not a medical doctor). What I can say is you need to strongly advocate for an answer whether its Lyme or something entirely different.
    First, I would want to rule out an allergic reaction to the antibiotics themselves. I would also advocate for a Western Blot test (make sure it is sent to Igenex lab). Are there any lyme literate doctors in your area?
    If he does have Lyme, he may have been experiencing what us Lymies call a herx. The die off of lyme spirochetes can actually cause signficant increases in symptoms while it is working. For me, the herx worried me initially that I was getting worse or had a bad reaction to the medication, but over time the herx effect got less frequent and the intensity faded.
    I'm not sure Doxycycline would be a great choice to treat Lyme. I was on doxycycline during my lyme treatment but doxy was given to treat the co-infection Babesiosis. Other antibiotics were given simultaneuously to treat the lyme spirochetes. I would also be concerned that he was only given a 4 week dose of antibiotics, as most lyme specialists recommend at least 3 months at the onset of a tick bite.
    I am more then happy to talk with you or your son if you think I could be of help in anyway! I had very similar symptoms at the onset and unfortunately it took me another 2.5 years to be diagnosed, so mine had progressed significantly.
    I'm not sure what his heart symptoms are that you were referring to but I had a racing heart and irregular heart beat.

    Feel free to email me at lymeandback@gmail.com
    We can either email or I'll give you my number privately.
    Kindest regards,