Advocate for recovery; don't accept band-aids........

Let's not be pessimists but realistic that the world runs on money and money skews knowledge. The pharmaceutical companies benefit more from “band-aid” medications which require continued use vs. medications that would actually get to the root of the problem and end with recovery. Pharmaceutical companies give great incentives to doctors and universities who in turn train new doctors to treat with their products. Doctors go to school to learn how to heal and unknowingly learn how to “heal” using medications made not to heal but to band-aid. It's a vicious cycle!

Think about it....we learn about most diseases through media. Whether it be the internet, television, newspapers or magazines everything we read is the opinion of someone else and the message is funded by a company looking to sell their product. Take research articles for example – a large part of the general population takes them at face value without finding out who conducted the study and whether they could benefit financially from the results. Our brains are trained that research is fact but when you dive deeper you realize research can also be biased.

Now don't get me wrong.....some of the resourcesavailable to us are full of factual information but the phrase “small print” isn't globally known for no reason. Look at the AIDS epidemic. How long did the government know about HIV/AIDS before the general public was made aware.

HIV and AIDS was first brought to light in the early 1980's. It's been almost 30 years and this subject still sparks fierce debate and arguments regarding its origin, treatment, cure and global impact. AIDS did not even acquire its name until 1982, although evidence of the disease dates back as far as the 1880's. Why did it take over 100 years for this disease to be labeled and many more years for it to be presented to the general public?

In 1985, AIDS was documented in China, making it found in every region of the world. Now I don't know about you but I think its our right as citizens to be warned about diseases more than 3 years before it becomes a world wide crisis; particularly when it had been kept quiet for 100 years.

Remember the statistics of Lyme Disease from my previous post....now imagine what those numbers will be 100 years from now (2110). (Don't forget those statistics don't account for other tick-borne illnesses!). It's a scary thought and something we have the power to change! Are we going to be like the previous generations and turn a blind eye.....or are we going to use our voices to educate and potentially save future generations from a Lyme Epidemic?  Educate Yourself and Others!

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